Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bad Mom Confessions - Episode 2

We just had an ice storm around this way that was delightful to me in every way except for the insane circus routine that it took for me to not maim, injure, or kill myself or my children when I had to load them in the car. 

But as with anything, I got used to figuring out the best places to step and it started being a lot funnier.  (Bean walked a fine line between giggling riotously and shrieking in fear when we'd start our trek across the frozen landscape.

Our roommate watched me loading Bean into the car one day and as I came in to get C in her bucket seat, she casually mentioned that it was icy enough that C car seat could be a good sled. 

I don't think she meant with C still in it.

When we got back outside, I scoped out the yard for hunks of ice and finding none, I gently set C's car seat down and gave her a little push. 

And then I scrambled after her quickly gliding car seat, cackling like a maniac.  She was grinning too, though probably because I sounded like such a goon as I slid along next to her.

Don't worry, I think her top speed was like, 2 mph. And her handle was up for a make-shift roll bar :)

Would I do it again?  Heck yes.  I was tempted to film it, but the weather got warm and the yard wasn't nearly as hazard free so maybe next time. 


  1. It's all about making it fun for everyone! :o)

  2. I REALLY wish you had video! But then my kids would just get ideas :)

  3. Ok so the first time that I was informed C went sliding down the hill in her carseat I thought it was accident! After knowing it wasn't, it is even more funny!!!!

  4. I love the kind of mommy you are!! So glad being a "grown up" hasn't changed the Jen I remember! :)


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