Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bean In The Morning, Bean at Night

Sleep has been weird around here the last few days.

4:30 am two days ago

Bean:  "Mommy!  Mom!  MOOOM!  Let's go to Chick-a-lay!"

Me: "Mmmmmph.  What?! Go back to bed!  It's still night time!"

Bean: "I'm not tired!  I'm hungry!  Where's Chick-A-lay!"

Sometime in the dead of night about a week ago

Bean:  "Veggie Tales, Veggie Tales!  VEGGIE TALES! VEGGIE TALES!"

Me (Woken from a dead sleep and totally confused as to what is using my hair and pj's to climb onto the bed and weirded out by the fact that my 3 year old's face is mere centimeters from mine as she chants "veggie tales!" at me) "What?  Bean?  What's going on?  What do you want?

Bean:  (Climbs over me, lays down and promptly falls back to sleep without another word).

Me:  (Wide awake and staring now, totally freaked out).

5am this morning

Bean:  "Hi Mommy!  I had a wonderful sleep!  Let's have breakfast!"

Me:  "You're going back to sleep.  I don't care how or where, but you are not allowed to talk until the sun comes up.  NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO TALK UNTIL THE SUN COMES UP."  (Burrows head in pillow).

Bean:  "But MooooOOOOM!  It's wake-up time!  Rise and shine!"

This afternoon, post-rest time.  (Should have been nap time).
Bean:  "Mommy!  You are a super hero mommy!  Thank you for coming to get me!"

Heck yeah, I'll take the super hero comment at any time of day.

Now?  Now for a nap.  Maybe.


  1. Aaaahhhhhhh! It is 2:18 and Zachariah is still awake! Doesn't he know sick little boys need their naps and mommies of sick little boys need their sanity restored for a few hours?

    Sorry Bean didn't take a nap for you today!
    At least you get to look at that cute little face for the rest of the afternoon! :)

  2. Thank you for teaching me a very important parenting lesson:

    Lock your doors.

  3. I've been up since 3:30 with Christopher. I'm feeling your pain today.


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