Sunday, February 22, 2009

At The Park

I'm feeling kind of glum today.  It wasn't even a full two weeks ago that we had balmy 70 degree weather.  Today?  Today it's snowing/raining with little chance that it will stick.  And it's COLD.

So.  I'm going to vicariously live through pictures of our park day a couple of weeks ago, (before Bean came down with the plague).  Because if I close my eyes and breathe deeply, I can totally smell...

A poopy diaper. 

Ok, really...  the sweet scent of grass growing, the fresh breeze drifting across my face. 


OK, spring?  Hurry up.

The day at the park was lovely.   I'm thoroughly excited that Bean is big enough to do most things on her own.

And that's without a ton of fear... though some things were scarier that others

And that C is able to at least stand, which gets her down out of the stroller or my arms and lets her stretch a bit.

C liked that. 

Most of the time.  We had some tears and a bruised lip.

But that was nothing a little love couldn't fix.

We learned that Bean AND C both stick their tongues out when they're concentrating.  Thanks to me, it seems.

And then?  When the kids acted up, we sent them to jail.
Except, they really seemed to like it.  
All in all, a nice way to get a taste of spring.   


  1. my mom & I both stick out our tongues when we're concentrating too! it must be an inherited trait :)

  2. Cute pics!!! I'm ready for spring too...though I wouldn't mind a HUGE Blizzard...but then Spring :)

  3. Great pics! It's supposed to be really nice again tomorrow :)


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