Friday, February 27, 2009

Forshadowing The Dramatic Years?

Bean has ALWAYS had a flair for drama.  Her facial expressions can run the gamut between joyful to disgruntled in about 2.4 seconds.

It seems her dramatic nature is slowly becoming more refined. 

The other day, we were in a flurry as we got ready to head out for a last minute dinner.  Bean had gathered her chosen possessions, (in this case, a small bucket of stuffed cats and Pancakes for Breakfast), asked if I would help her carry them, and when I agreed, she placed them in the kitchen for transport. 

About halfway to our destination, Bean piped up from the back,

"Mama?  Where are my kitties?  Where's my pancake book?" 

I peered into the back of the van and realized suddenly that I had left them on the floor of the kitchen.  Forlorn and lonely. 

Or that's what she'd have you believe.  I told her that I forgot to bring them and instantly, her face fell and HUGE tears welled up in her eyes.

You would have thought I told her that the Easter Bunny died or there would never again be another episode of Charlie and Lola

"Mama!  Oh MAMA!  But I want them!  I need them!  They MISS ME!" 

And then she shed two giant tears and looked at me like I was a hardened criminal.

"Mama, why did you forget them?!"

Ouch.  The kid is GOOD. 

Then, a few nights later, I tucked her into bed and she suddenly sat up and said, "Mama!  You said you would get my baby, my sweeper (broom), and my cam-ee-are (camera) from the car when Robin got home.  And you DIDN'T! Can you get them?"

I merely asked if it would be better to wait until morning so she could actually play with them.  

She looked directly at me, put her hand over her eyes with her palm up, Scarlet O'Hara style, and said,

"You said you would get them and OH!  I would REALLY like them!  You said you would! And now you won't!"

And then she promptly fell straight back onto her pillow in true dramatic style and let out a few long sniffs for good measure.

I went and got the stuff out of the car.

I'm in so much trouble.


  1. Oh, my dear friend, I fear that you might be right. Hopefully she's just learning how to assert herself and she'll let it go in days or weeks. If not... Wow.

  2. Hmmmmmmmmm . . . wonder where she gets that flair for the dramatic??? Just askin'!

  3. Your kid CRACKS ME UP! You're right about the expression changes. She's the only kid I know that can go from cute-as-a-button to I'm-going-to-kill-you-with-my-laser-eyes-of-death in the blink of a eye.

  4. Talk about a tough accountability partner!

  5. I think our girls are somehow related. Caroline does the same exact thing...and I like you go and retrieve her requested objects. The Scarlett O'Hara look including the sigh (I can just hear OH RHETT!)is priceless, but where do they get this? Do we do this, I think not!!! Maybe channeling it to drama school is a good idea...Love ya Jan

  6. Haha! Bean definitely lets you know how she feels!! She is a riot and so fun! :)

  7. Ha ha! Our daughters are VERY similar! :) Fortunately, these dramatic types make great big sisters, because they also play up the lovey dovey with little sibs. Everything is an excuse for EMOTION.

    I shudder to think of what the teenage years will be like, though!


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