Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's The Little Things

Like 70 degree weather in February.

Or grocery store trips with a toddler who insists on wearing her cowboy hat.  Sideways.


And staying in the car in front of the grocery store for a full 10 minutes just to crack up with C who erupted in giggles every time Bean hiccuped.

Or getting down on the floor and pretending to be a monster while chasing both kids and cracking up in a pile when we're all worn out.

Or dinner time with a baby who is inevitably getting a bath anyway, so who cares what she ends up "wearing"

 It's naps with the breeze floating through the open window.

It's green grapes fresh from the fridge.  

It's snuggles from a cranky baby who's still cute despite the crankiness.

 It's the little things that make the big difference.


  1. Abby will not take this hat off:

  2. The weather... ahhh, the weather :)

  3. ahhhhhhh...I love those girls! all 3 (or 4)of you-Jan

  4. I have the cutest nieces! ~julie


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