Saturday, January 29, 2011

Five Years and Some Change

My oldest turned FIVE on Thursday. FIVE, people. Which means that not only is my kid halfway to double digits, but that I've been doing this mothering thing for five years. And I've blogged 'em all. Dang!

My delightful first born is less likely to be the subject of my blog posts as she ages, most notably because she's actually developed a decent brain to mouth filter and doesn't say things like, "MY MOMMY MADE A GIANT POOP!" to ladies in the grocery store at this point.

Thank goodness.  

So, I hopped back to read through blog posts from the beginning.  Here's the first where we introduced her to my humble little following.  

They start out so, so small, don't they?

Her cheeks grew faster than the rest of her: 

She grew to explore local gangs and got her first cold:

She turned one...

She started walking... and running

She became quite the little mommy, explored alternative bath places, developed a preference for a football team, and then she turned two...

She had questionable conversations on the phone with boys, she became a great big sister, almost had a throwdown with mommy, and developed quite a fashion sense

She learned to be thankful for EVERYTHING, refined her Beanisms, and turned three:

Then, she tortured my sleep and developed a penchant for dress-up

This was followed by her becoming an expert at procrastination, further refined her Beanisms, and became cousin to Joe Cool, 

And faster than I was ready, she turned four...

Four brought an attempt at a foreign language, her looking WAY too old in my wedding veil, 

A passion for dance, and nature, 

And a host of other things that have me looking at her sometimes and wondering who took my baby and left this tiny girl with the huge personality.  

And now?  Now she's five. 

A pretty little, big-hearted, smart as a whip, silly, passionate and compassionate, lover of animals, friend of anyone, thoughtful, laid-back, easy-to-please, decidedly more little girl than baby, delightful burst of five.  

Happy birthday, sweet girl.  You made me a mama.  


  1. So sweet. Happy Fifth Anniversary of being a mama! You rock, and so does she!

  2. I still can't believe she's 5! and I totally agree - you do rock!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! (And thanks for making me cry, Jen. ;) )

  4. Such great memories - and life will only get more amazing from here. And just think! You get to do this THREE more times. :)

    Happy mommying. You do it well.

  5. That last line almost made me cry! SO love doing this mama journey with you!

  6. OMGosh what a beautiful little girl! She is gorgeous! That first baby has a special place...don't get me wrong, they all have special spots. But number one....well, they are the first for everything.

  7. Congratulations! You are the first blogger (besides myself) to make me cry! What a wonderful thing to be able to look back over five years of memories that you have captured forever! Happy Birthday Bean!

  8. And dang it. I hate when Blogger doesn't post ALL of my comment. There were some sniffles in that last comment :-)

  9. J, you can totally see how your photography has improved! congrats on surviving these 5 years! Happy birthday, again, Bean! :)

    hugs and kisses:)


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