Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Everyone's doing it...  who am I to run away from the bandwagon?

So here's my resolutions, in true Looneyville style:

1.  I will say yes more often.  My kids are kids.  They ask for things.  They ask to do things.  They ask to eat things.  Sometimes I say yes but many times I say no.  I'm going to say yes more.  But I still reserve my right to say no when they're asking to paint their room with chocolate sauce.  Lex, if you're reading this?  NO.  It's still not going to happen.

2.  I will get rid of stuff.  My kids have more toys than a dang toy store.  I have a fairly good system of rotation which gives them "new" things to play with every couple of months, but then there are those things that they hold up with two fingers and an upturned nose and say, "Momma?  What IS this?!"  I don't know.  But I do know it can go away.  Far away.  I could probably stand to lose a few pairs of shoes and about 16 thousand pounds of paper.  

3.  We will go outside more often.  Because fresh air is quite good for little bodies.  And when they're outside, they're not destroying the inside of my house.  Preservation: it's what's cool for the new year.  

4.  I will help the girls do more crafts.  They love crafts. I mostly hate them, (at least for the preschool set).  But we'll do more.  And then?  I'll have them gift the completed projects to relatives.  You can thank me now. Or later.  You're welcome.  (And I won't be drowning in 17 macaroni sculptures, countless finger-paintings, piles of coloring pages and various cotton ball creations.  Self, you're welcome too).  

I'm sure I'll think of more.  But I think with the new baby boy coming in March, it's smart to leave off things like, "I will get out of my PJ's at least 3 days a week" and "I won't pretend not to notice when the kids are emptying the kitchen cabinets."  I'll stick with these for now.

Happy New Year, friends!  What's your resolution?

I'd resolve for more snow and icicles, but I'm afraid that's beyond my control, sadly.  Sorry teacher (and student!) friends!


  1. Those are great! I need to tell my kids yes more.

  2. I read some where once to only keep the arts and crafts that make you laugh or cry.. All the others can be tossed!

  3. Very cool list!

    Our rule on crafts is that we do them, we keep them for a month or so, then they go away. This is true of home crafts AND school crafts. :o)

    You can turn de-cluttering into charity work - you can take the toys that are still in decent shape and give them to a church or children's hospital. Bonus, right?

  4. My resolution is to just be me and be present. I try not to make unattainable goals lol. I just want to enjoy the moments that we let slip by and be the best me i can be.

  5. Nice.

    I like the "say yes more" and "get rid of stuff" resolutions. Smart lady you.

  6. Jen, C loves to craft, every morning. So, we give them to her friends at preschool and dance class. Easy way to de-clutter and she feels good about creating and giving and making people happy! Works for everyone.- love ya


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