Monday, January 10, 2011

Snippets from the 'Ville

Lex (4) woke up yesterday, tiptoed into the living room where Shaun was hanging with Sayer (1) and exclaimed, 

"Daddy!  Last night I actually slept!  I mean, normally, I just close my eyes and pretend to sleep, but last night, I actually slept!  I don't know what happened!" 

Hmm, maybe the Monday crankies are due to all of that pretend sleeping she does.  

Caly (2) has been fighting off a little cold that's making her nose run.  No other real symptoms, but the snot bugs her. Generally, she asks for a tissue and wipes her nose herself.  Before bed the other night, I went to pick her up to take her to bed and she wrapped her arms around my legs and gave me a hug.  I smiled at how sweet it was.  Then she let go, looked seriously at my stomach and said, 

"Mama, I put boogers on your baby."  

Then she walked away.

Sayer (1) has learned a new word.  Well, he's known the word for awhile, but he uses it with a vengeance lately.  I'm becoming impressed with the versatility of his uses 

"No!"  "NO."  NOOOOOOO." "No?" "Nononononono!"

But my favorite, (yes, there is a favorite way to use the word), is when I ask him where my kisses are.  Instead of leaning towards me with a smooch, he tucks his chin inward, turns his head away, and with a smirk on his face, he says, "Noooooooooo..."  I pretend to be sad and he plants one right on my cheek.  Then he asks to do it again.  


"Mommy.  Mommy.  MOOOMMMMY!"  I vaguely registered Caly's whisper near my ear.  Bleary eyed, I peered at her in the darkness and wondered what dark hour of the night she had wiggled her way in between us.  "MOMMY!  Are you s'eeping?"  

I gave her a raised eyebrow and said, "Well, I WAS.  What's the matter?"  She wiggled closer to me, got her blanket and closed her eyes.  "Caly, what's the matter?"  

"Mama.  I am S'EEPING!"   And then she refused to say another word. 

I am SO paying her back when she's a teenager.  


  1. HAHAHAHA!!! The "pretending to sleep" one is priceless. Christopher frequently tells me he didn't sleep all night.

  2. So cute...I love things that kids say. The boogers on your baby his hilarious. My 2yo gives me his boogies all the time!! Priceless!

  3. That Caly just kills me. She is such a funny little thing!

  4. This cracked me up! Especially the "No!" :)

    Maybe you can just name baby 4 Booger!

  5. Abby's favorite game in the world is pretending to sleep! (Not at night, mind you, like Lex!) My real trouble is when she wants to "play" sleep when I am actually ready for real sleep - I have gotten the third degree from a three year old for really falling asleep! :o)

    Booger is a good nickname for a kid, you know!

  6. MJ tell's me everyday when he gets up from nap that he didnt sleep he just laid there and rested his eyes.


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