Monday, March 1, 2010

Would You Like A Ham-bur-gah?

We randomly try to infuse our every day with random Spanish words.  Nothing serious, but it's fun to hear them come up later.  C now regularly dubs things she likes eating as "delicioso!" which cracks me up. 

So tonight at dinner, Shaun was completely teasing me and trying to get me to roll my r's and say "churro" correctly.  (I think it goes without saying that I absolutely can't).  In between laughing at my ridiculous attempts, he tried to get Bean to say things too. 

"Bean, say, 'Me nombre es Bean!'"

"Ma tootoo la goobay!"

"No, say, 'Me nombre es BEAN!'"

"Gah simmy ley goochana!"

It was a bit like that Friends clip when Phoebe is trying to teach Joey to speak French,

Shaun tried one more time,

"Me nombre es BEAN!"

"Me nonde es TORTILLA!"


(And now that bits and pieces of Spanish are coming back to me, I realize she should have said, "Me llamo TORTILLA" instead :)


  1. Welcome back. How are you feeling, Senora?

  2. In a Bolivian accent, instead of rolling the double r's you pronounce them like Zhh. So much easier and I think it's cool sounding too. Definitely saved me cause I can't roll them either!

  3. "It's my grandmother's chocolate chip cookie recipe. Her name was Nestle' Tollhouse!"

    Now you should spend the day calling her Tortilla instead of Bean. :o)

  4. SO CUTE! I think you should keep on trying to teach them spanish. And tape it. :)

  5. oh my word! I forgot how funny that Friends episode was :) so fun


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