Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hey, No One Claimed I Was Supermom

My girl is 4.  When she was a baby, I would schedule every doctor's visit to be within days of her actually turning that age.  4 month appointment?  At the doctors at 4 months and one day.

Then, she got a baby sister.  And the appointment keeping became a little lax.  3 year appointment?  Oh, 3 years and 3 weeks.  Not too bad.  And C's appointments were within a short distance of her age, too.  Bean was a quiet, compliant little companion, so C's appointments were no big deal.

Then the double doozy...  Sayer was born and C became VERY mobile, VERY squirrelly, and fine tuned that mind of her own.  So I did what any sane parent would do... I started scheduling someone to keep the other two kids when I had to take the 3rd to the doctor.

So Bean had her 4 year appointment today.  In mid-March.  Her birthday is in January.  Not awful...  but I have to say, had they not called me with a reminder?  Her 4 year appointment might have well been around her 8th birthday.

That being said, she's growing like a weed...  37.5 pounds and 40 inches.  That's 75th % for weight and 50th % for height.  Apparently, she's taking more after Daddy than me :)

Having her get a shot pretty much almost made me cry, and it goes without saying that she didn't like it one bit.  (The nurse said it was a stinging one).  

She aced a vision test, which was a relief considering her two blind as bats parents.

The doctor asked if I had any concerns regarding her hearing and I paused and he grinned and continued, "No, we don't have a cure for selective hearing yet."   Drat.  He read my mind. 


  1. Darn, I keep hoping the Selective Hearing vaccine is on the horizon!

    Glad to hear she's growing on pace! Keep up the good work. :o)

  2. Luke had issues with his 4 year vaccine -- nothing serious. His leg was sore for a day. He didn't want to move it at all and would cry if he had to. I was a bit worried, but the next day he was fine. Who knows just how sore it was, and how much was preschool drama. :)

    Bean is such a big girl! Where does the time go? They just keep growing don't they?

  3. What a beautiful girl! We're having so much fun getting to know her :)

  4. Christopher had his five year appointment at least two full months late... maybe three? I'm interested in the whole vision test thing. Christopher's appointments haven't included that yet. Did you request it or was it standard? Maybe because we're a glasses-free family so far?


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