Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sayer - Update... Erm, Um... Hey, It's an UPDATE!

Dear Sayer,

Now, before you get all "My Mommy doesn't love me as much as she loves my sisters!" consider this... you are SPOILED.  Ask your Daddy.

So spoiled, in fact, that if you're having a cranky day?  You get snuggled.  If you look at me and stick your lip out?  You get snuggled.  If you glance up and grin at me?  You get snuggled.  I can't help it.  And it's mighty difficult to type with a totally squirmy baby in my arms.

And squirmy you are... I almost miss the days when you'd curl up on my lap and stay put.  Now it's quite like wrangling a spider monkey.  But in exchange, you're doing all sorts of cool stuff down on the ground.  You've slowly progressed from that desperate looking army crawl into actual hands and knees movement.  Almost overnight, you started being able to get yourself back into a sitting position from lying down.  That one has saved all of us some sanity.  (Though it still totally freaks me out when I watch you crawling everywhere and then turn around again to see you sitting calmly in the middle of the floor. Stealthy).

You love, love, love your Mama, but that shouldn't be any surprise.  I kind of have a crush on the grocery store lady..  anyone in charge of my food pretty much has my heart.  Glad to see it's an inherited thing.

When you're not clamoring for a hug from me, you're reaching for Daddy.  He's been saying forever how much I spoil you and yes, he may be right... but you're a smart little one because man, he will pick you up any time you do that, no doubt.

You like climbing all over anyone who is in your path and when you're excited?  You bite.  You also bite when you're scared.  And sometimes when you're sad.  It is not pleasant.  If you could knock that out, your food source/snuggle giver would be mighty pleased.

You weigh a few pounds shy of your 24 pound sister... I'm guessing that by the time she's 2 and you're 1?  You'll be the same size.  Don't pick on her... she can bite too.

You're almost 8 months old.  Some things haven't changed a whit since you were a sweet, dimpled newborn.  You still love to be worn in a sling, you still love to nurse, you still love to sleep best when I'm nearby.  But other things?  Not so much.  You love table food of most types, I can't put you down and expect you to stay put, and you smile at almost anything and anyone.

So, while this might be the only update for a little while, know that when I'm not writing?  You've probably finagled your way into my arms.

(And onto my laptop/phone/drink/any forbidden object within sight.  Yeah, I'm getting used to being a means to an end).





  2. LOVE that last pic. They're all good but that last one. YUM!

  3. Oh, the bond between mamma and her boy. Yes, we love our daughters w/o question, but the boy? Something different entirely. Not better, just different.

  4. Such a cutie - I can see why you would cuddle endlessly!

  5. I think him and Sione could start their own baby sumo wrestling federation hehe! Sione is 5 months somewhere between 18 and 20 lbs and is on the go with his little belly crawl.

    What a handsom little man you have! No wonder you snuggle him cause i know i do mine!


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