Monday, April 5, 2010


Bean was wearing a shirt the other day that had about 12 cupcakes on it. Robin pretended to eat one and said, "Mmmmm, tastes like cupcakes!" Bean looked down and replied, "No, they taste like shirt!"

Did I mention she doesn't pronounce 'r's?

Heh, yes, it sounded exactly like what you think it sounded like.

(Which reminds me of when she was about 15 months old and started saying her name... The 'L' became an 'S'. "I Sexy!" Yeah, that TOTALLY got some looks when we were in public)*

Yesterday we went to my Grandmom's for Easter lunch. Of course, getting any kid to actually eat lunch when there's more candy than they've ever seen in their life is a bit tricky. We finally wrangled C into a seat and she asked for a hard boiled egg.

My Dad peeled it and sprinkled a smidgen of salt. She turned up her nose, shook her head, and said, "It's a leetle spicy!" Dad finally convinced her that salt wasn't spicy and she took a bite. One bite. Then said, "I all done! I have a treat!"

My dad told her she could have a treat if she ate her egg.

She sized up the egg, looked at my dad, back to the egg... then picked it up, licked it, and put it down.
"I all done! Have a treat?"

Um, good try, but no.

Dad encouraged her, "It's good! Eat all of the egg! Put it in your belly!"

She picked up the egg. Then, as we all watched, she tucked the egg carefully under her shirt onto her belly, patted it into crumbles and proudly said, "Egg in my belly! I have a treat!!"

Creative, that one.

*I know that this pretty much says Bean's real name... I'm ok with that :)


  1. Love the stories AND the pictures - you rock!

  2. That's the cutest picture of C! What a cutie :)

  3. LOVE it! (And I love that Bean is finally "coming out" online - hehe)

  4. Love it!!! C is sooooo much like her daddy.

  5. That's hilarious what C did with the egg under her shirt. She's a sneaky one!!

  6. You have the most adorable and beautiful ladies and hillarious to boot!


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