Friday, April 23, 2010

Everything She Knows About Super Heroes, She Didn't Learn From TV

Bean is a ridiculous story teller.  I think she does it to make sure I don't zone out when she's chattering away about whatever fantastical storyline she's concocted. 

Yesterday, it was this gem.

"Mom, you know what?  I'm Princess Lee-ah [Princess Leah from Star Wars, but she likes her own pronounciation], and I'm here fighting the bad men.  They're all going to get karate chopped."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah!  And Mom!  I'm here with Batman!  He's a good guy.   He's helping me fight the bad men too.  We live in a big castle with a bad king.  He keeps getting people dead by putting them in the volcano." 

"Erm, what?"

"The volcano, Mom.  You know, where the bad men go when they get deaded.  Oh!  And Dark Maul is a bad guy!"

"And he goes in the volcano?"

"Yeah!  They live there.  HIYA!  HIYAAAAA!  Mama, I got them!"  (This was accompanied by erratic chopping motions towards our very threatening arm chair)

"Nice work, Princess Lee-ah."

"Thanks Mom, but now I'm Sleeping Beauty.  I need to go be Princess to the Rescue."  And with that, she trotted off to play in her closet, presumably where Batman would make an appearance.

1 comment:

  1. No she didn't learn it from TV but yes, she did learn it from her cousins. That totally sounds like a T and Bean imaginary battle when they play together.


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