Monday, April 26, 2010

She Wants to Have Her Cake and Eat it Too

We went to dinner the other night and it happened to be a friend's birthday.  Of course, we delight on public embarrassment so everyone sang to her.  Our girls joined in with gusto.  When it was over, Caly looked at me and said "Where's da cake?  I need some cake."

We're about to leave the restaurant and Caly's trying to get my attention.

"Mama. Mama.  MAMA. MAMA!"

"Yes there kiddo?"

"I need some cake."

On the way home, Caly is sadly weeping and crying because she wants me to hold her.

"Hold you, Mama! Hooooold yoooou!"

"I promise I will snuggle you all up when we get home and you can get out of your car seat."

"Maaaaammmmaaaaa.... HOoooooOOOOooooLLLD YOOU!"

"Caly. When we stop, I'll snuggle you, I promise.  OK?"

"Oook Mama..."

We drove in silence for awhile and I glanced back, fairly certain that she had finally dropped off to sleep.  Sayer was conked and Lex had followed shortly after.  I peered into the darkness and say a flicker of movement.  Caly blinked her big green eyes at me a few times, grinned, and said,

"Mama?  I need some cake.  I have some cake?"

Girl's got a one track mind.

And come to think of it...  I think I need some cake.


  1. i need some cake too!!! you'd better get to baking. ;)

  2. A child after my own heart! Anny wanted to do (Chocolate pudding) mud cups for Abby's birthday and I protested. Must.Have.Cake...


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