Friday, April 23, 2010

Linky Link Link Links

Shaun makes fun of me because I generally have about 30 tabs open in my browser at any given time.  But I can't help it!  I find something that's interesting or something I want to share so I won't close it.  The problem is, I never do anything, I end up with 542 tabs, my browser crashes, I lose it all and then I'm totally cranky. 

So, here I am.  With a hodgepodge of links that might or might not interest you...  but I liked 'em!

Young Me, Old Me - This is a fascinating comparative photo site.  Some of them are stinkin' hilarious.  So tempted to do this with some of my childhood photos. 

Subway Distribution - What could you do with a bag full of subs and a heart for others?  Check it out.  (via @armonroe)

Waterbaby - Isn't this an absolutely amazing shot?  Makes me think that babies are actually at home in the water, after all.  (Even when they shriek when the water gets in their eyes in the bathtub). 

Sensory Tray and Sandpaper Letters - I want these SO BADLY.  I think my kids would have as much fun with these as any toys we have. 

Win an HTC Evo 4G Phone - No sponsorship, I just think it was a fun contest to get the chance to win.

Gilt - Dude, Skip Hop diaper bags, Fancy Nancy stuff, Sigg bottles, etc.  Super cheap!  (And truly a reputable site).   Sign up through that link. 

So there you go...  my browser is a few tabs lighter.  And hopefully, you've found something worth reading. 


  1. Totally entering to win that phone! My SUPER FAST ability? Falling asleep. :o)

  2. Great- now I have even more tabs open now!

  3. I could spend too much time going through Young Me & Old Me. Those were fun....thanks for sharing!

  4. Loved the subway story!! You and Amy amaze me with the things you find online!


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