Friday, August 28, 2009

I've Cleaned Up My Potty Mouth, I Swear! (but I didn't really swear!)

The other day, when it was about three thousand degrees outside, we were venturing out to combat the stir crazies.

The air conditioner was cranking and doing a pretty good job of icing us all down. After a short time, Bean piped up from the back seat,

"Momma, I need a blanket. I need to cover my toes and my head and my legs and my everything! I'm freaking cold."

Um, excuse me?

I asked her to repeat herself.

"I need a blanket! I'm freakin' cold!"

"Er, you're what?"

"Freakin' cold! I'm cold, Mama!"

"You're WHAT cold!?" I was starting to mentally go over our latest trips in the car to be sure I hadn't started saying that out loud (again). Nothing.

Then, I got it.

"You're freezing cold?"

"YES Mama! Can you turn the hair conditioner off?"

Phew. Safe.


  1. Hahahaha! My kids say *stinkin'* on a pretty regular basis... is that bad?

  2. LOL that is too good. I love the miscommunications between parents and kids.

  3. Er... I'm just happy my kids aren't saying something worse than freaking, if you know what I mean. Gah. It's embarassing. Jim and I are good upstanding church goers and everything, I swear! Yet we both slip up with the language quite often. Blame it on that rebellious youthful period, I guess. We just try to cover it up and move on quickly so the kids don't notice the word!

  4. My 5 year old son, will not repeat any swear words, but if my husband or myself say a "bad" word, he is the one to tell us we shouldn't say that. I think it's good he calls us out. It makes you a little more mindful of what you say.


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