Monday, August 10, 2009

Adjusting - With a Bit of Sass

The four of us are slowly adjusting to life with our number five.  Shaun and I are obviously quite smitten with the little man.  Bean's been relatively blase about Sayer, as she's had more than her usual share of friends and family willing to give her undivided attention.  She does periodically peer over at him and tell me how cute he is or to check whether he's sleeping or not.  C, on the other hand, loves the baby.  LOVES him.  After saying hi to me, she inevitably follows by saying, "Baby?  Baby?  BABY!" 

Sometimes when she yells "baby!!" she sounds vaguely scary, especially when she runs over with both hands over her head to show him some "love."  She gives him lots of kisses and pats his head and only occasionally smacks him or drops things on him.  No doubt she loves him...  but sometimes?  Her love hurts. 

Out of all of us, she has the most adjusting to do.  But she's adjusting.  Just don't expect her to adjust without a C sized dose of sass.

She's bound to help make this next year a wild ride.  But as crazy as I imagine it's going to be, I wouldn't change a thing.  (Remind me of that when my sanity takes flight)


  1. You have a beautiful family!!! C is just too darn adorable! I love the sassy attitude!

  2. Her face says it all! But she is just so darn cute when she puckers up to give kisses.

    Oh, check this out...


  3. I do love her pucker when she gives kisses. They are much sweeter than her noggins. He'll be all the tougher because of his big sis.

  4. Incredibly cute. Glad that everyone is adjusting!

  5. i love that first pic! so cute :)

  6. Oh my goodness! She is getting so big and so cute! Sassy can be cute..... just look at her. ~julie


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