Sunday, August 16, 2009


We get a fair amount of raised eyebrows when we share our son's name.


"Sayer?  What's that--? Where'd you--?  Um, is it a family name?"

It's a bit unusual, we'd agree.  We picked it mostly on merit of its meaning.  You see, Sayer means "storyteller."

This evening, in a brief period where all three kids were asleep and the house was quiet, I began searching through the pictures that we've taken since Sayer's arrived.  This particular shot caught my eye. 

At first, it was because I was giggling at the expression on my son's face. 

But then it struck me.  Sayer's sitting in the lap of one of the most vibrant storytellers that I've ever met.  My grandfather can spin tales to captivate the most reluctant of audiences.

So in that picture, my little son and my Grampy.  A storyteller and a storyteller to be?  Perhaps.  Time will tell on that one.  But that's a legacy I wouldn't mind him growing into. 


  1. I love his name and I pray he grows into a incredible storyteller!

  2. Grampy is one of the best story tellers for sure. He had more than a couple good ones this past week :) btw that picture is adorable.

    ~ Amanda

  3. What a wonderful picture. So precious.

  4. I think Sayer is a fantastic did good. :) He's precious~ I'm sure you'll treasure that pic of him with your Grampy always...I am thankful for the ones I have with my Dandy and our boys. :)

  5. I love his name! And, I bet Mary wins on the, "What?!" factor :-)

  6. I love Sayer too and paired with Malachi "messenger of God" it's a GREAT name-God's storyteller is quite the profound moniker! And you KNOW I LOVE creativity with names :-) And I just love you and your kids so he could have been Stonemason Smithson and I'd have been cool with it ;-)

  7. He is just so adorable and sweet! I love his name. I get the same thing when i tell people what we are naming baby number three. Sione is not a unheard of name but not common at all.

  8. Love it! I was so into the meaning of the baby's name. I mean, God finds name meaning so important he changed peoples names!!! So inreally wanted a good meaning.

    Wanna know what Cassandra means?

    She who entangles men.

    Or, even better:

    prophetess of doom.

    Sonmuch for a name with great meaning!!! :) I love Sayer though!

  9. There is no doubt that he is a storyteller. We have already shared a couple of stories; albeit wordlessly. If you look closely into a newborn's eyes, you really can see a soul. If you listen with your heart there are wonderful stories to be heard.

    Sayer has much to tell the world; I can promise that much. He also has the most important characteristic of a good storyteller - - - a great sense of humor.

    Ah! Me and Sayer know some things.



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