Monday, May 4, 2009

We Endevor To Instruct Them on All Things Useful

Our kids have a lot to learn in life.  How to count to 100, tie their shoes, say their name, learn to read... everything.

We're working through all of them, one by one. 

Oh, and how to give a wet willy.

Bean was instructed in the appropriate methodology of wet willy-ing and was sent to sneak up on her unsuspecting Daddy.

She stuck one finger in her mouth, ran up behind him, and stuck the finger of her OTHER hand in his ear while shouting, "WET WILLY!"

Apparently, we need to work on the technique a little. 

Obviously, we are vastly concerned with the refined things in life. 


  1. HAHAHA!!! That's Great!! I'll try to help reinforce the correct way the next time I see her! :)

  2. i taught my cousins how to moon people when they were young (under five); it worked well and was quite funny for a short time then i ended up getting in trouble!

  3. We're still working on appropriate tickling methods - Abby is quick to grab a boob. Funny at home, not in the nursery at church. :o)

  4. I am so glad that I can stop worrying that your kids won't know all the important things in life! It makes me happy to see you are teaching them all they need to know. :) Such good parents you are!

  5. This is great!! T loves to get "butt willies" as he calls them.

  6. I'm sure her Uncle Chucklehead can teach her the proper mechanics of a wet willy. I think he has taught and given them to all the little ones.

  7. i love the wikihow article. cracks me up!


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