Friday, May 22, 2009


  • Check out this cool towel/bag.  I totally dig multi-purpose stuff and this one?  Cute too.  (via swissmiss)
  • My newest obsession in house-cleaning products.  This stuff is amazing, all-natural, and smells delightful.  The All-Purpose Cleaner totally smells like Fruit Loops.  (Or lemons).  J.R. Watkins.  Can be found at Target!  Woot!
  •  Where do you end up on the parenting spectrum?  OCD or totally cavalier?  Check out these parents' perspective and evaluate where you stand. 
  • An interesting article about hand-washing.  Makes me feel a bit better when my 1 year old eats dirt.  All in the plan, obviously.  


  1. love love loving the towel/bag! i can think of 10 million uses for that! I will definitely be checkin out the JR Watkins although they are about to close our local Target.

    As far as the parenting thing...i think i am somewhere in the middle. I would not let my kid ride the subway on his own but i also dont think i need to wash my kids hands 20 times a day either.

    My boys eat dirt play with worms and sometimes stick things in there mouth and my kids are not sickly or ill and usually dont get more than the common cold about once a year.

    I guess to each there own but you just gave a me a great idea for a blog post! Thanks!!!

  2. I love the formatting on your link-post. I might do that next time to give myself more room for commentary.

    I'm thinking of changing the name of mine to linkalicious... do you know if anyone else uses that?

    Nice updated pics in the sidebar.

    Matthew told me I'm not allowed to by the J.R. Watkins stuff anymore. He hates the smell. Yeah, I know.

  3. Love the towel/bag thing, but is that chick half naked or is it a man with really long hair? ;)


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