Thursday, May 14, 2009

She's Going To Have To Get Over It

C's my little dare devil.  If she needs to get down off of the couch and I'm not fast enough?  She gets down on her own, falls, and wants to do it over again. 

Even before she started taking steps, she was a climber.  Yesterday, she climbed up the side of a small play set on our front deck and managed to slide herself down.  I'm not sure Bean did that until she was two.

But the girl hates grass.

She has grass-phobia. 

 We're trying to get her acclimated through the immersion method.

She's not amused.

I never realized how powerful a 1 year old's ticked off face could be.  Hers is a good one.  Look at that disdain.

And despite our best efforts...

She still hates grass.  Loves the outside, but hates grass.  Hey, we're working on it.


  1. Abby hated grass at one, and now she just wants to lay in it and have it in her toes and roll in it... you get my point. She often detours from the car to the grass instead of the house in the afternoon!

    C will come around!

  2. My sister's daughter hated grass when she was a baby but quickly grew out of it. Keep trying i am sure she will like it eventually!

  3. I'm so glad C is keeping up with Bean's wide variety of facial expressions. Your kids shoot the BEST LOOKS!

  4. Julie's got the same disdain, although I think she's learning to tolerate it. At least she doesn't cling to me and burst into tears anymore.

    We'll see how she does with sand at the beach!

  5. I agree with Amy...I was thinking the same thing..remember Bean at Caroline's party with the ice cream....jan

  6. V was exactly the same way! still is. except she never minded the grass.


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