Monday, May 18, 2009


I've been alternating between feeling completely miserable and feeling moderately crappy lately.  At first, I blamed it on the kidney stone, but those symptoms seemed to dissipate somewhat and were replaced with weird flu-like symptoms like body aches and extreme fatigue after doing the smallest tasks.

Like you know, taking care of my kids. 

Then the awful lower back pain came back and I questioned whether the kidney stone really left or merely went into hiding. 

In short?  I felt terrible more often than not and since the kidney stone wasn't appearing, the pain wasn't regular, and I never got a fever, I assumed it was just my third pregnancy kicking my butt.

And that in turn made me an emotional mess.  The idea that I would have to survive two and a half more months feeling like this, (and I assumed it would only get worse), made me feel absolutely helpless.

Today, a nurse from my doctor's office called with results from some routine testing they did the last time I was in.  Turns out, I have a kidney infection, a bladder infection and am anemic.

Well, no wonder my body is in rebellion.  I'm relieved that there's a reason for all or most of what's been going on.  And supremely relieved that I'll probably feel at least a little bit better with some treatment, and as a result, I'll probably have a whole lot more fun parenting my kids since I won't perpetually feel like a truck hit me.  (I don't think it's going to do much for me feeling like a house, but that's to be expected). 

I've got antibiotics, iron rich vitamins and cranberry juice.  And since I can hopefully assume that I won't be feeling this poorly forever, I can actually sit and rest instead of pressing on through the awfulness thinking that it was just something I'd have to get used to for the course of the pregnancy. 

I'm also scheduling a renal ultrasound to double check for more kidney stones and an appointment with a urologist to ensure this doesn't happen again.

Anyway, after a few days of rest, hopefully I'll be feeling good enough to join in life again.  Or at least chase my kids around without needing a six hour nap after 10 minutes of play.  If I can manage that?  I'll be feeling pretty good.


  1. Dang! Take it easy, girlfriend. I've missed your blog, and it would be fun to see you, but pamper yourself first and foremost :)

  2. That is rough! You poor thing. I have had 4 bladder infections since I have been pregnant and thats been bad enough without the kidney stuff and anemia....I hope you feel better very soon!!and then we will have our float date..:)

  3. I'm SO glad they can do something for you! Take it easy and GET WELL SOON!!!

  4. poor jen! :( i hope you feel better very very soon. like right - now! :)

  5. Hope you get back up to speed soon. Sometimes just having a diagnosis can make things turn around pretty quickly.

    You will become sick of cranberry juice, but remember that it is helping you!

  6. Gosh girl you really are taking it. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    They figure out why i was feeling so bad as well. My body is producing too much insulin which was making me really nauseous and dizzy. New instructions are to eat every hour on top of regular meals. Fun fun!


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