Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tacit Simplicity - Caterpillars


  1. Oooooh! Great shot! I just remembered that I took caterpillar pics the other day (right before the monumental melt down at the playground). I think I need to post some, you know, to help me remember that my kids are capable of being cute... or to remember that next time I need to watch out for the calm before the storm.

  2. We have literally dozens of those caterpillars in front of our house and Ella won't walk on the sidewalk let alone touch one! She walks ALL the way around the driveway to avoid them or cries until I pick her up. Bean is a brave girl!!!

  3. Love it! I use to love playing with those things when i was a kid. Apparently we missed the big hatching this year when we were out of town.


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