Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Review: Tempur-Pedic Pillows

If you were to walk into our bedroom, chances are, (after you finished being appalled by the stacks of clean laundry sitting on my dressers), you'd notice that we have a ridiculous amount of pillows on our bed.  We have flat pillows, puffy pillows, king pillows, standard pillows, feather pillows, and down pillows.  And our latest additions:

The Tempur-Pedic ComfortPillow and the Tempur-Pedic NeckPillow.  

And you'd notice that they're both on Shaun's side of the bed.  Because he hijacks them. 

I was given the opportunity to review the pillows and jumped at the chance.  Space foam?  Sure!  I'm all about it!  The pillows arrived in the mail and I tore into the packaging and collapsed onto the couch with one under my head and one in my arms.  (I couldn't use them at the same time, but I wanted them to feel my love). 

The pillows, when unwrapped from their plastic, emitted a foam-y odor that bugged me. I looked into their information packet and noted that I needed to air them out for a few days and the odor would disappear.  I was a bit disappointed I wouldn't be able to sleep on them that night, but did as they instructed and within a few days, the pillows were odor free.

My first experience with the pillows was a lengthy nap on my couch with the ComfortPillow while the girls were sleeping.  It took me a little while to get used to having the pillow conform to my head.  If you want to readjust and get into a different position, the pillow needs a second before it molds to your head again.  But the wait was worth it.  I loved the feeling of perfect support without having to wrestle with the pillow to get that effect.  After I got the rest of my body in position, it was easy to totally relax. 

The ComfortPillow is definitely more like a traditional pillow in both size and squishiness.  (That is totally a technical term).  The NeckPillow is a bit of a different feel.  It's made of a single piece of Tempur-Pedic foam vs. micro-cushions as in the ComfortPillow.  The NeckPillows are sized to fit your body type.  This makes the NeckPillow a bit firmer, but it offers a more specific function than the ComfortPillow so the firmness is necessary.

I found the NeckPillow wonderful for side sleeping.  I always have a bit too much padding or not enough when I sleep on my side with a traditional pillow.  (Or three).  I'm traditionally a stomach sleeper, but being nearly 30 weeks pregnant, it's kind of impossible to sleep on my stomach, so I go to my side by default.  This pillow allowed me great support without being overkill.  When you're pregnant and everything hurts by morning, it's nice to eliminate one realm of discomfort. 

Between the two, both Shaun and I favor the ComfortPillow for its versatility.  It's a traditional pillow without all of the problems that traditional pillows often have, (lack of support, too much support, too soft, too firm, etc.).  It allows the user to sleep on their side, back or stomach, which is good if you tend to change positions throughout the evening. 

 I found the NeckPillow FANTASTIC for car trips.  We drove 16 total hours to and from North Carolina a few weeks ago and that pillow saved my sanity.  I curled up in the back of the van and crashed for hours at a time. 

Overall, we're totally fans of the pillows.  We like the feel of having our heads and necks totally supported without having to do a bunch of acrobatics to try and get into a comfortable position.  I think we're both sleeping well, but considering how much we both love sleep, this isn't too much of a change. 

I would suggest testing the pillows out either in a local store or from a friend before you buy one as they are vastly different than a normal pillow.  But I think that after trying them, you might also entertain thoughts of wrapping your entire house in Tempur-Pedic foam. 

(I really think this would be a fantastic idea). 


  1. i have such mixed feeling about tempur-pedic. i've had back trouble for a while and last year we bought a tempur-pedic bed and i really thought that my troubles were over. we didn't get the pillows to go with the bed.

    this bed kills me every night. what really stinks is that now it's not just my lower back but my upper back too. i don't know if i should've gotten a different model or what, but now it's too late. i'm stuck with it and i can't afford to buy another bed.

    i know that has nothing to do with your review and that my experiences aren't everyone else's, but it brought it up for me how disappointed i am with this bed. ugh. i want it to work, i really do. again, maybe i just needed a different model.

  2. I haven't tried the comfort pillow, but I have the neck pillow and I LOVE it. My TMJ has even been better because of it...weird I know, but it has helped a ton. I will now have to take it with me whenever we go on vacation because I don't think I could sleep without it!!! Great review!

  3. WE have 2 of these one for me and one for hubby. I love it so much and love that it helps with Hubby's snoring.


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