Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Channeling Cheech. Or Chong?

Bean was in a particularly crazy mood the other day, bouncing around the house like a ping-pong ball and generally being very silly.

She paused in her ping-ponging and disappeared into her play kitchen area.

Thirty seconds later, she came running out with a hot pink soup tureen on her head and started shouting,

"I'm a pot-head!  I'm a pot-head!"

I love kids.  She had no idea why we were laughing our heads off but joined in, just the same.


  1. hahahaha that made my day!!!!!

    oh, and Bean? that'll only be cute for a few more years, so take advantage of it while ya can.

  2. hahahaha.... that's awesome!

  3. That last comment was from me :-) ~Dana

  4. That's so funny Jen! The funniest things are the ones they have no idea are hysterical! Let's plan some Bean-Ella playtime soon! (they can be pot-heads together! for now anyway...)

  5. Hehehehe that is great! If only it was like the Truman Show and we could show it back to them when they were like 16!

  6. hahahaha...that's great!!! It was so great to see you and the kiddos the other day...we should do that more often! :)

  7. I am laughing out loud! That is so funny!

  8. "On this page there is a little girl giggling at a hippopotamus, I wonder why?"

    Love your blog and your adorable family. <3
    -Sarah (Waschak)


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