Tuesday, August 3, 2010

These Actually Came Out of My Mouth

"Please do not put the toilet seat on your head."

"Um, no, I don't think ducks have b00bies"

"Boogers will not help you grow like broccoli will.  Even if they are both green."

"I am TOTALLY going to take away your peas if you don't stop....  OK, I'm taking them!  You're ok with that?  Crap." 

"If you don't stop all that noise and go to sleep, I'm going to put you outside with the bears!"

And they say being a parent is boring.  Hah.


  1. Heh. Whenever I'm fed up I dryly threaten to feed my kids to the wolves. They never even bat an eyelash, sadly.

  2. Last night, while putting the kids to bed, I said, "That's it! No more Mr. Nice Mamma!"

    It is VERY hard to maintain control of the situation when my kids are laughing at me.

  3. Found shirt I have been hunting all summer. T threw it in laundry room while fighting w/ K apparently back in like april and it landed behind the deep freeze....salvagable...until you realize that noone else moves things off the deep freeze before they open it and a half a bottle of some kind of oxy stain remover fell on it and apparently the lid broke in the fall....
    came out rainbow colored crap and it only got worn like 4 times....ARGGGGGHHHH
    told them the next person who just threw something in there and didnt make sure it went into a hamper was going to sleep on the deck with the dogs and spiders....

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