Monday, August 30, 2010

She Watched WHAT?!

A few weeks ago, we visited my grandparents in the mountains.  It goes without saying that the kids had a marvelous time, but on the second day, Caly came running up to me after hanging out downstairs for a bit and said,

"MOMMY!  Mommy!  I watched... I watched... um, I watched Dirty Boop!"

Um, excuse me, what?  I inquired again...

"Dirty Boop, Mama!  It was so SILLY!"

What the heck was going on, here?  What was Dirty Boop?  So I did what any good, investigative mother would do.  I asked the 4 year old.  "Hey, what did you guys watch?"

"Betty Boop!  It was GREAT!"


So I brought Caly over and said, "Cal... can you say Betty?"


"Can you say boop?"


"Now say, 'Betty Boop!"

"Dirty Boop!"

Um, no. 

She still calls it Dirty Boop.  And I still crack up, every single time. 

Better yet, I mentioned that my kids loved Betty Boop on Twitter and briefly told how C always called it Dirty Boop and had an interesting experience with my phone's autocorrect:

@monsterchew @zrecsmomMy kids are hooked currently on Betty Boop, or as the younger one calls it, "Dirty Boop". Love it!

@monsterchew @zrecsmom:   btw, my phone autocorrected "Boop" to "nipples". I am DYING of laughter over what that tweet COULD have been. Hahaha!

And I wonder why I get wacked out dirty spam-bots on twitter.  HA! 

1 comment:

  1. Love it. Mispronounced words and accidents in my house could make a 6 hour blooper reel every day. Great fun isnt it.


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