Thursday, September 2, 2010

Caspar Babypants - A Music Review

It's not often that I find kids' music that doesn't make me want to stab myself in the eardrums with a pencil.  The first discovery was Laurie Berkner, a woman who sings silly themed kids' songs that sound GOOD.  (And be forewarned... they'll stick in your head...  but better a Laurie Berkner ear worm than one in the tune of "There's a Hole in My Bucket, Dear Liza"...  that song makes me want to turn on some vuvuzuelas instead).

Anyway, as great as Laurie Berkner is, dare I say I found someone better?

Yup, I think I do.  Caspar Babypants

My fellow grunge rock fans of the 90's will be interested to know that he's the former lead singer in The Presidents of the United States of America, Chris Ballew.  ("Peaches" anyone?)

The music is super catchy, blending all sorts of instruments from the standard guitar to a banjo, harmonica, drum set, whistle, synthesizer, keyboard, and more.  I don't mind catching a tune in my head and often find myself muttering the lyrics as I putter around the house.

Speaking of the lyrics, they're generally light-hearted and silly, but they make enough sense for the kids to follow.  (Though, my husband thinks "Dust Bunnies" is the saddest song he's ever heard...  he's kind of right). 

Some songs are remakes of classics but done in such a way to create a new song entirely, (check out "Mary and Her Friends," a remake of "Mary Had a Little Lamb")

Our personal favorites vary.  I love "Little Broken Truck" and "Bold Little Bird"  Lex loves "The Island Hop"`and "Run Baby Run."  Caly loves "Fuzzy Wuzzy"  Sayer?  He dances to them all.

I can't put much a label on his style...  all I know is that the whole family loves it.  And CD's that we all can listen to?  A+ in my book.

Check out Caspar Babypants on itunes.  Both albums More Please and Here I Am available there and on his website.  (You can also preview the music on his site, too... so don't take my word for how good it is, grab your kids, turn it on, and check it out there or on the video below!)

** I did not receive anything for this review. Both albums were purchased by me for my family. And based on their awesomeness, I decided to review them.


  1. I am SO always searching for music like this. Off to check it out.....

  2. I also love this band!! Got into them back when I had kids radio on Sirius.

  3. I am so familiar with the video that you posted! I just never knew the author. I never know the authors of songs.. Anyway, thanks for posting this to remind me to look it up!!

  4. Thank you for this. Bekah is in LOVE. Must load up the YouTube page and let her watch....


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