Monday, September 13, 2010

Hey Dr. Sears! I've Got a Question For You!

The littlest one has been having a bit of a rough time as of late.  If you peer into his mouth, (which would involve you having to either make him scream, laugh, or cry as he won't willingly open it for anything), you'd notice the halves of three molars poking through, a swollen red lump of a fourth and the tiny white dots that mark the beginning of four eye teeth. 

Eight teeth, dude.  EIGHT. 

I can usually distract him during the day with munchies and noise and general chaos.  Nights are a tad bit of a different story. 

I can time his wakings with the wearing off of his Motrin doses.  When he wakes, he sticks both hands in his mouth, screams, and says "nananannanananan" over and over, (this loosely translates to "PICK ME UP NOW, WOMAN AND COMFORT ME!  But do NOT think of sitting down, rocking me, or otherwise doing anything that I might deem undesirable at that exact moment and time.  Those things are subject to change without notice.  NOW ON WITH THE COMFORTING!"

Ahem.  Yes.  Anyway, some days I can get him back to sleep fairly easily.  Others, it's a long wait until the next dose of ibuprophen kicks in.  I hate seeing the kid so miserable. 

But we're plowing along and trying to keep him comfortable as possibly while also trying to catch snatches of sleep.  It's quite the dance.

It's funny...  with Sayer especially, we've been a lot more attachment parenting minded.  It's what works with us, and more importantly, it's what worked for Sayer, (a definitively more high needs baby than the girls).  A friend lent me Dr. Sears' The Attachment Parenting Book and as I was reading through it, one line stuck out to me:

    "If you resent it, change it!"  

I resent it all right.  I resent the heck out teething.  Hear that?  I RESENT YOU, TEETHING!

So, Dr. Sears...  if you manage to come up with a solution to help me change that, I'm all ears.

In the meantime, I'm off to buy stock in teething tablets, motrin and frozen bagels. 


  1. Poor little munchkin. Poor Mama. My kids were able to sleep once they GOT to sleep during teething, but we have our share of nightmares right now. Hoping those little teeth break through soon, so he's not in so much pain. Hope you get some rest soon too.

  2. We are going through the same thing. Beckett had the same exact issue. 8 teeth at once. The molars and 2 eye teeth have finally popped through but the bottom 2 eye teeth are on the move. hence, 1 am to 4 am Beckett was up. He also will not let you sit down, no no no! Good Luck!

  3. This time feels like it moves at a snail's pace...hang in there! <3


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