Friday, September 17, 2010

Next To High Maintenence In the Dictionary...

Shaun was putting Caly to bed a few nights ago and she held up her water cup, shook it slightly and said, "Daddy, can you freshen this up for me?"

She's 2.5.  I'm beginning to wonder if we should start stockpiling a substantial dowry for the man that's going to marry that girl. 

Love that kid.  Love 'em all.


  1. That's what my kids ask! Except they aren't 2.5!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Isabelle is also 2.5 and she'll tell me her drink is "soggy" and she needs fresh water.... Good grief!!!

  3. Nice, Caly. =) My girls ask for *cold* water from the fridge at bedtime. During the day, it's ice water. Next it will be bottled water, with a straw, no bubbles...

  4. I say that you wait and see on the dowry. Who knows if she'll even want to get married? Perhaps she'll become a dedicated bug researcher, who doesn't want to be tied down lest she can't fly off to Madagascar at a moment's notice to study a rare specimen.

    Of course, she'll need a research assistant to freshen up her drink, but I'm sure that won't be any problem.

  5. Love it and love them! My boys dont care what they are drinking as long as it was mine or daddy's first. Apparently if we were drinking it first it makes it taste ten time better.

  6. Too awesome - such cuties you've got there!


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