Sunday, August 8, 2010

5 Random Randoms

1.  Turdles - I dare you to look at this and not laugh.  However, upon more investigation, I've come to discover that a "turdle" is actually a turtle shaped item made from some sort of dung to fertilize gardens.  The garden accessory that you've always wanted! Also, the guy in the pic is apparently a bit of a cult hit in his funny but irreverent Etsy shop, which can be found here

2.  I had a dream last night starring a ghetto squirrel wearing a knit hoodie that said, "What The Suck?!"  It was literally knit into the sweater, as if his fuzzy little squirrel grandmom lovingly took the time to put it into the design in a nicely contrasting yarn.  Every time I looked at him, he'd tip his head sideways, look at me and say, "Whaaaaaaaa?" while flashing a gang sign.  It. Was. Weird.  Thank you pregnancy.

3.  There's this: 

No, I don't know why I look like a loon.  Nor do I know why my sister looks confused.  Maybe she's wondering why I'm cackling behind her.  There are rarely reasons for my cackle. 

4.  Right around Christmas, we're driving to TX.  With three kids.  and 6 month pregnant me.  Yes, driving.  In 2.5 days.  I am TERRIFIED.  Start sending your travel tips now.  (And chocolate.  And money for the therapist bills.  And fried rice wouldn't hurt).

5.  It's 10:30 in the morning.  I've already had a Heritage Dr. Pepper, (they're baaaaack!), some water, a bowl of cereal, some peach slices, a chocolate chip cookie, (not sure how I stopped at one), and three giant bowls of salad.  Moving onto ice cream, apples, cheese, and perhaps watermelon before noon. 

C'mon, gimme something random about YOU.


  1. Awww, Alyssa, I think you're right! I should work on remedying that ;)

  2. I've been a neti pot fan for years but this past weekend I tried the sinus rinse squirt bottle and I LOVE IT! It's way better because you get the squirting pressure, not just the dripping water. The amount of nast that came out of my nose was amazing. I almost took a picture.

  3. Something random - I want to buy a truck. It's a 1982 F100 that I have driven for the past 2 months. Do you think that would fit in in Baltimore? Or do you think I would look strange? I have gotten strangely attached to this truck and will be sad when I have to go back to my car (although, when I have to start paying for my own gas again I will be glad to have my car and not Herman, that is his name).


  4. I have an Electrical and Computer Engineering degree, but my home computer is an embarrassing 9 years old.

  5. We've been attending Grace for a couple of months...and despite seeing Shaun a few times, we haven't seen you and/or the kids anywhere! Where do y'all hide?!?

  6. Oh -- and I forgot because I'm still in thrilled shock -- congratulations on #4! Are you competing with me or something? ;)

  7. Does Lexi have a TAG system? She and Caly might amuse themselves with the books for a while (bonus you can get headphones so you and Shaun don't go crazy listening to it). Borrow a DVD player from someone or somehow rig Shaun's iPad so they can watch movies. We also play I Spy modified w/ things like "I spy something blue" or "I spy something that starts with R". I usually make it whatever R guesses and I vary if it's her 1st, 2nd, or 3rd guess.

    For Randomness I've almost died 3 times in my life - guess I'm supposed to do something while I'm here :-)

  8. Since we have driven to Texas 3 times with 4kids I can tell you that 3 nights on the road makes a huge difference. We had DVD's, played I spy, stopped alot while the kids were up and NEVER stopped while they napped. I can also tell you that you will need a vacation after your vacation!

  9. You can always make a stop in Nashville, unload the kids and have a peaceful dinner! Or, just come visit us, have a FREE dinner/meal/clean toilet use and place to sleep!! ;)

    Seriously though, color wonder books and pens. They can't get messy!!

  10. Random, huh? Um, here's something: I have trouble gaining weight while I'm on bedrest. I've already lost two to three pounds since last week, on the DOCTOR'S scale. That amazing pregnant appetite really disappears when you're burning almost no calories throughout the day. And I kind of hate it. I miss enjoying food so much. That's one of the few truly awesome things about being pregnant, is how much you enjoy your food, even healthy foods. Salad THRILLS me when I'm preggo, usually. I can eat an entire bag of mixed greens by myself. Last night? I COULDN'T FINISH MY DESSERT. I think it's kind of tragic. So you enjoy that eating, ok?


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