Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm Alive... I'M ALIVE!

My Mom left me a message today that said, "Ohhh JEN!  Where arrrrre you?  Maybe you should just text me and say, "I'm alive!"

(I have to say, the message cracked me up.  Though I was half-tempted to email her and say, "I'm ALIVE!  But I've been kidnapped by a group of Nigerian terrorists and all you have to do to set me free is send your bank account number and they will wire the sum of $42,203,234 to your account... then, they will transfer it out and in exchange, my freedom and 20%!"  Heh.)

Anyway, I am alive and well and pregnant and all that.  Shaun whisked me, the kids, the dogs, and the majority of our household possessions into the family vehicles and up into the mountains for a little family vacation.  In exchange for the getaway, we sacrificed cell and internet service.  It was actually really nice!

But we are glad to be home.

With 549 pictures, 2 pounds of sand, and 470 acorns to show for it.

But the pictures, in particular, will have to wait til tomorrow.  Right now?  I have a date with my bed.  Shaun's at a soccer game.  I think I got the better end of this deal.

Either way... here's one to tide you over :)

Sassy little monkeys, no?


  1. LOVE that pic! I saw it on twitter last night and wondered how you were able to take such a good picture with your phone. Seriously, excellent faces on both of them, and great focus :-)

  2. Love this pic! i swear i could eat these kids up! So cute!!!!!!


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