Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's a Shame "Contrary" Doesn't Rhyme With "Caly," 'Cause We'd Have an Epic Poem

Those of you who remember my sweet, easy-going first born around 2.5 can go ahead and start chuckling now.  LexBean, (now 4) was a laid back kid, (still is).  Sure, she had her moments of being a crazy 2 year old, but I remember clearly thinking, "Hmmm, terrible 2's?  Not THAT horrible."  Thankfully, I don't think I ever articulated this out loud... particularly to my friends with challenging 2 year olds. 

But out loud or not, my tiny second born?  Yeah, she's teaching me the correct definition of "Terrible 2's"  And in spades. 

That child is the most contrary thing in the universe. 

I'm keeping a sense of humor though... her contrary nature has manifested some seriously ridiculous interactions.  (And if I don't laugh, I'd likely be a half a step away from the Looney Bin, so...)

The other day in Looneyville:

C:  "I want O-MEAL!  I want some O-MEAL please?  Please I have some o-meal?  I WANT SOME O-MEAL!  PLEASE!"  all said as she chased me while carrying and rolling the big container of oatmeal across the floor.

So oatmeal for dinner, it was.  I had some frozen blueberries that I wanted to toss in.  But I'm a veteran mother... I asked the girls before doing that.  They answered with a resounding "YES!"

So I plopped in a bunch of blueberries and spooned out three bowls for the kids. 

Sayer:  *Nom, nom, nom, nom*

Lex:  "YUM!  Blueberries!  Oh, YUM!" 

C:  "I don't WANT BLUEBERRIES!  I DON'T LIKE BLUEBERRIES!  Mama, I don't WANT blueberries!" 

I sighed, grabbed her bowl, and decided to quickly spoon out the blueberries.  I'd had enough tantrums for the day.  I handed her back the bowl.  She took one bite.  ONE bite.  Then she looked at her sister's bowl, looked at me, picked up her bowl, shoved it in my direction and said, "I please have some blueberries?"

I don't think she understood why I started cackling.

A handful of blueberries was haphazardly tossed into her bowl.  "There YA GO, LITTLE GIRL!"  and I cackled my way off to the sink. 

Not two seconds later, I hear a determined little voice say, "Ma-MA.  I don't WANT blueberries."  She resolutely pushed her bowl away.  "Mama...  I have a cookie?"

I kid you not. 

I laugh... because, if I don't laugh?  I'll never make it out alive. 


  1. I remember when LexBean was 2... I think Christopher was running around the house knocking things over and jumping on couches and throwing toys and screaming his head off. I remember being jealous.

    It's a good thing Caly is cute, huh :-)

  2. amy- i say often that if these kids, Caly in particular, wasn't so dang cute, I'd have sold her. I'm only half kidding.

  3. Oodles of personality on that Caly. I'm sure she'll keep you laughing for a long time!

  4. She is way to cute! This is exactly why we moms are insane. Yes,no,yes, would drive a childless person up a wall.


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