Thursday, July 22, 2010

Potty Training Update

Well.  Let me preface by saying that I had grand intentions of reading and implementing all of the advice that you guys gave me.  I figured I'd get through our busy July and start it up August.

Then last Thursday, Caly looked at me and said, "I want to wear big girl underoos." 

When Caly wants something, Caly generally gets something.  There's not a whole lot you can do to deter her.  So I told her that if she did, she needed to use the potty and not go in her pants.

I figured that I'd be doing a LOT more laundry than I had in the past and maybe the accidents would help teach her how her body worked. 

Yeah.  That's not exactly how it went.

Since last Thursday, she has had ONE accident.  One.  And, (for those interested), has successfully deposited both bodily functions into the proper receptacle. 

So yes, I now have TWO potty trained kids.  For the second, I can't even take the credit.  I hope she always uses that single-mindedness for good.  Because it's a little scary how determined she can be.

(Oh, and even better... she has completely shunned the Pull-Ups in any realm and insists on underwear for naps.  And?  She stays dry.  Night time won't be for awhile, but hey, this is GOLD).

So, thanks everyone for your well-intentioned advice!  I can't say I'm sad I didn't get to use it. 

(I'll store it for the next kiddo... I can't imagine I'll get this lucky again :)


  1. Her arms look like puddin' ... so cute :)

  2. Think it's a second child thing? Because I can't take the credit for most of Hannah's accomplishments... including potty training.

  3. Yay Caly!!! That kid cracks me up with her huge amounts of determination in a tiny little body :-)

  4. Wow- awesome! We are working on it with Asher- he still thinks his closet is a perfect potty! Oh well, its not called TRAINING for nothing!

  5. That's AWESOME Jen! Great work Caly!!

  6. That was more or less what happened to us with our second, after a hellish time of it with the oldest, and let me just share a high five with you! Isn't it AWESOME!? We've had a few setbacks and a bit of a struggle with the number two issue (a two week illness didn't help things!) but I think we are officially the owners of two potty trained kids! Whew. Just in time for another diaper wearer!

  7. Hannah had that same exact dress (from Old Navy, I think) when she was Caly's age. Good job on the potty training!!

  8. Congrats on only one bottom to diaper! Sonja was the exact same way. She asked for underwear and that was it. She slept in underwear for naps and overnight and never once wet the bed. It's those second girls...
    Anyway, I'm just now catching up on blogs- I read about your laminate/hardwood dilemma. We, uh Chris, just installed hardwood on the first floor of this house. LOVE IT. He ended up doing the kitchen too and I love love love how it looks. Check out Wood Floors Plus. They are in Glen Burnie, just south of 695 and have incredible prices. They always have something on clearance- like $2.50 sf for hardwood. You can check out their website or make a date of going with the husband. ***Don't bring the kids if you can help it- it's a warehouse and the floors are filthy with black dust. My kids looked like they went through the chimney with Mary Poppins.
    If you guys are going to install it yourself, Chris could probably help Shaun get started.
    You guys should come over sometime soon and see the floors. And just hang out. =)

  9. That's awesome! and I love the pics. :) Yay for one in diapers!

  10. That Caly. She knows exactly what she's doing. :)

    (um, i need to know where you got that blue dress from a few posts ago, please? adorable! email me!)


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