Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hold It!

My kids are fantastic little travelers. As long as I make her go before we leave, I can usually get a few hours out of Lex before we have to stop for a potty break. 

So, I'm not exactly in practice of knowing what to do when a kid starts saying, "Momma?  I have to go potty..."

I peered at her in the rearview mirror.  "Ok... we'll be there in a few minutes.  Can you hold it?"

She wiggled around for a second before she started shrieking,  "I CAN'T!!  I CAN'T HOLD IT!  MOMMA!"

I looked frantically for a place to stop so the kid wouldn't pee all over the back seat.  "Just hold it for a second, please, Lex!  Just one more second!"

"MOMMA!!!  I CAN"T!!  I can't hold it!  I can't REACH!?"


"Um, what do you mean, you can't reach?"

She threw me a completely withering look, "Momma...  the buckle is in the way."

Literal, always literal.


  1. Tee hee. Abby has done that too. Silly girls!

  2. Hope too! I have to say "keep it in!"

  3. W/ Caly training now something you might think about it putty a potty seat in the truck as an emergency potty. We do alot of highway driving where bathrooms aren't frequent. So we had the kind that can be stool or a potty and the bowl pulls out like a drawer. We only used it for pee-pee emergencies and I just "Watered" the grass on the shoulder where we stopped. Some lysol wipes and paper towels or TP stashed in the back are good too.


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