Tuesday, June 16, 2009

That WOULD Be A Good Present, Actually!

The other night, we were sitting on the back deck discussing upcoming festivities and happened to mention my birthday.  Shaun asked Bean what she thought they should do to make it special. 

"Well... Me and Wobin and Daddy...  we can go outside and pick up doggie poo!"

And I totally promise and swear that I didn't put her up to that. 


  1. Heck, they could come to my house when they are done with yours! We have an "extra" dog this summer with my sister in the house and I keep forgetting until the rain starts.

    Hope you get all you want for your birthday - especially a clean lawn!

  2. Hey, that is not exactly what she said. Lexi said that her and I should make a cake so Daddy can pick up the dog poo.

  3. That is too great! Kids really do give the best presents!


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