Tuesday, June 2, 2009

C - 13 Month Update

Dear C-Bunny,

You've had an eventful month.  You popped out 4 more teeth and started working hard on getting those molars through.  In the midst of molar melt-downs, you somehow ended up with Roseola and spent 3 full days as a cranky, feverish, and difficult little mess.  You didn't want to be held, but you REALLY didn't want to be put down.  Ibuprofen took the edge off and you'd sit in my lap and whimper from time to time.  Even sleep, which is generally how you cope best with teething and sickness, didn't do anything this time around.  It was beyond frustrating not knowing how to fix things to make you smile again. 

On the third day, you ended up with the trademark polka dotted rash.  Your mood improved, but you certainly weren't ready to stop being snuggled, which was fine with me.  Most days.  My productivity took a huge hit the past week.  As of today, your rash has all but faded away and you're back to your usual mischievous antics.  

And it seems as if mischief is becoming your natural friend as you get older.  This morning I was frantically loading the dishwasher in hopes I'd finish before you tried to climb inside (again).  You slipped out onto the sun porch with your sister and then the two of you ventured out onto the deck.  I watched you both color with chalk, investigate wet chairs, climb under the table, and roll a ball back and forth.  I could see you both from the window and grinned to see you guys playing so well together.  Then you made a beeline for the grass.  Apparently, your phobia has abated.  You crawled into the grass and contented sat there, looking around, for a good 10 minutes.  But as soon as you heard me coming, you took off like a shot further into the yard. 

You like running away from me.  Well, crawling.  Or toddling as fast as you can.  Often, it's because you've put something in your mouth that I obviously want to take away.  You hold it out and show me as if to say, "See this?  I'm going to eat it."  And as soon as I make a motion to take it, it's in your mouth and you're off and running.  And grinning.  At least until I catch you and scoop it out of your mouth.  You don't much like that. 

You walk as much as, if not more than, you crawl nowadays. I love the early walking days, when the Frankenstein wobble takes over and you  sway from side to side.  Toddlers indeed. 

This month you also learned to blow kisses, which I love, but not quite as much as the real kisses you tend to give me when you're particularly happy.  True, open-mouthed baby kisses, full of slobber and love.  I don't love it when you suddenly decide to close your chompers on my lip or cheek, but your intentions are good.  And it's so unbelievably invigorating to get a bit of unsolicited love back after so many months of smothering you with kisses of my own.

May we always have many long days and nights of snuggles, hugs, and kisses.  And may you always keep your mischievous streak.  It sure makes me laugh.  (Remind me of that next time you get into something major, ok?)

With hugs and many, many slobbery baby kisses,



  1. She is so awesome. I melted when I read this post. I remember those days..how fast they go...lets get together asap..before Beckett starts walking! -Jan

  2. Lovely update. Abby had roseola earlier this spring. The tension between "don't hold me" and "don't put me down" is hard to balance...

  3. Great pics! I can't believe how big she's getting!

  4. Love the sitting in the grass picture!

  5. Just precious! You must be one proud mama!

  6. That pic pf her in the grass is one to frame! What a beautiful little girl :)


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