Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pregnancy Update

I haven't written a lot about this pregnancy, in part because I run around most days like I'm a chicken on crack and the full effects of pregnancy don't really hit me until I sit down.  And that happens, oh, at about 8:30 or 9 every night. 

The other reason for my relative silence has been how this pregnancy has been SO vastly different and so much more difficult than my first two.  I can't figure out whether it's been harder simply because I've had a 3 year old and a baby to take care of while going through the throes of all pregnancy stages or simply because this pregnancy was always destined to be a bit rougher around the edges. 

But despite the unpleasant parts of this pregnancy, the little guy inside of me is growing and moving and stretching like a champ.  And that's the important part. 

So far, at 33.5 weeks, I've gained 14 pounds which is greater by far than what I gained with C and from what I remember, on par with what I gained with Bean.  Some days this makes me feel ridiculously self-concious.  Some days I'm quite happy with that. 

I'm perpetually battling back pain on the lower right side, pretty extreme rib pain on the upper right side, and puffy feet on both sides.  My stomach is plenty big enough to provide a nice little shelf for C to ride around on, as she prefers to do. 

OK, ok, big is not the right word.  I look like I've been sucking on a helium tank and might float away at any moment. 

(And yes, yes, I will post a picture.  Soon).

But through all my discomfort, I still love most of all to sit still in the evening and rest my hands on my stomach and feel the acrobatics begin.  And despite the fact that every time I count down the number of days until he's supposed to arrive and begin to panic, I can't wait to meet this little guy. 

And that's what matters, most of all. 


  1. It is still hard to believe you are going to be a mama of three and one of those being a little boy. What an amazing family you have already and I know this little man will be blessed to call you mommy!

    Sorry this pregnancy is just a bit more crazy than your other two of your sweet girls. Can't wait to "meet" your little man too!

    Love ya!

  2. FOURTEEN pounds? Are you serious? I "only" gained about fifty this time and I was thrilled. I gained closer to 80/90 with my first two. Each. I get HUGE. So bless your heart for your fourteen pounds!!!!

  3. I know how ya feel! This pregnancy seems to have gotten the best of me as well. I am, like you, not sure if it is because i have 2 kids to tend to while this baby grow or if it is because it is just different from the first 2 (which it is for the most part).

    I find out Monday whether we have another little man or a precious princess and i couldnt be more excited. I am suffering the turmoil of pregnancy as well. As i gazed at myself in the mirror today i noticed my nose starting to spread across my face grrr! My feet seem to hate me and my back we wont even talk about lol!

  4. i'm sure you look fabulous! that is so not a lot of weight to gain! :)

    you're going to do fine. you can do it!

  5. You look fantastic.

    I'm excited to meet him too! I can't believe it's less than two months. CRAZY!!

  6. You do look adorable Jen and I'm so excited to meet no-name-baby-boy :-) Praying for you and I KNOW you can do this 3 kid thing and be a blessing to one more little person just like you are to Bean and C :-)


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