Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pregnancy Update - With More Details Than You Might Want

I've got some cool posts in the works but in the meantime, I'll share what's been keeping me erm... busy.

Two days ago, after running around the house with the girls, playing, cleaning, and doing whatever I could to appease the massive nesting urges I was experiencing, I sat down for a minute only to be met with some of the worst back pain I've experienced thus far. 

And contractions.


I went into panic mode/lay on the couch and whimper mode.   I got some water and let the kids climb all over me until nap time.  By the time I talked to Shaun when he was on his way home, I was having trouble forming sentences without groaning and the contractions weren't helping.  The pain in my back was a constant and only got worse when a contraction would come along.

The contractions were sporadic and in and of themselves, not necessarily painful as much as they were uncomfortable. 

That night, the pain was bad enough that I was having trouble sleeping.  Add to that an extreme case of "I'm SO NOT READY FOR THIS!" and I had a bit of a panic attack and spent a good 30 minutes in tears, trying to decide if we should head to the hospital or not.  Thankfully, things settled down enough for me to fall asleep and I decided to reevaluate in the morning.

I woke up in the middle of the night downright miserable and found that a shower and some medicine were the only things that helped.  Managed to get back to sleep and the next morning I woke with much less back pain.  However, I would have a contraction every time I stood up for more than a minute or two. 

Off to the docs. 

Two hours there gave me some time on the fetal monitor, confirmation of frequent contractions, verification of no dilation, speculation of another UTI or kidney infection, a prescription for antibiotics, and instructions to sit/lay on my butt and rest while drinking tons of fluids.  Can do.

Last night I had three of the worst contractions I can remember within the course of 30 minutes before they finally abated and I was able to sleep. 

This morning, no more major contractions, little to no back pain, but the classic symptoms of a UTI/kidney infection.

Cue drugs and rest. 

So that's been the last two days around here.  Exciting, no?

So I'm packing a hospital bag and shaving my legs to ensure that he won't come within the next few days.  Because we all know what happens when we prepare.  NOTHING!  :)

Stay tuned for some cool posts.  (That's to say if Little Man decides to stay in there :)


  1. Contractions Suck! I hope they subside soon. Maybe you'll get your last few weeks in. Good luck.

  2. UGH...been there with the UTI. I was actually peeing blood. Nice, no?

  3. Stay put little man! I hope all is well now!


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