Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Apparently Live in a Variety Show

The other day, I was sitting on the couch watching the girls fight play and had my feet tucked up beside me.  C was getting a little whiny, but typical "Mom-Magic" wasn't cutting it and she came over to whine directly into my face instead of from across the room.  Bean has already climbed up onto the couch and was trying to perfect the ideal belly flop onto my legs.  All at once, I felt sharp little teeth gently close over my big toe. 

I yelped, C grinned, (with my toe in her mouth, yes), and Bean cracked up.  So of course C repeated the process.  After a second or two, we were all cracking up. 

Until she stopped being gentle and bit the nonesense out of my big toe. 

I yelped again and hid my feet under a pillow. 

C was not happy at all.  Apparently, she liked that teething item.  I, however, did not.  

Bean, being sweet, said, "Mommy!  C can nibble on my finger!" 

Before I could dive over to prevent a dramatic reenactment of "Charlie Bit Me," Bean's finger was firmly between C's strong jaws.  C was amused.  Bean was most certainly not.    Poor kid.  I don't think she'll be eager to let C bite anything anymore. 

Well, at least she won't put herself in that position again.  5 minutes later, I overheard her whispering to C, "Go bite Mommy's toe!  Go get her!" 

I think I need to get some steel toed boots. 


  1. Tee hee. Hopefully she will forget before the next Looney-Child begins teething... that would make it doubly funny!

  2. LOL kids find the craziest teething toys including us lol! Poor Bean! I am sure she learned a valuable lesson out of all this!

  3. Christopher is ALWAYS telling Hannah to do stuff like that or whispering things like, "Let's pretend we didn't hear her and hide over here!"

  4. What is with the older siblings encouraging the younger ones to do things they KNOW is wrong? Even after I just said something about it 2 seconds earlier? Ugh!

    Sorry about your toe! Hope you got your tetanus shots! ;)

  5. I have some steel toed boots you can borrow...



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