Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weighty Stats

Took the two littlest kids in for very, very overdue well visits.  I was interested to see how the kids measured up against each other.  My suspicions?  I thought Sayer would at least weigh as much as Caly.

Um, he's got a half a pound on her.  I have two 26 pound children. 

With her 26 pounds and however many inches tall she is, Caly remains firmly snuggled in the 20th percentile.  She's her mother's daughter, through and through. 

Sayer and his 26 pounds obvious tip the 95th percentile for weight.  Daddy's sturdy little man.  But...  his height?  He's just over the 18th percentile.  Kid is a fire hydrant.

Before we had kids, I joked about how Shaun and I were destined to have short boys and tall girls.  Looks more like we're having short kids.  Sorry, honey...  gotta kiss those basketball dreams goodbye.  (Then again, there's always Muggsy Bogues).

Lex gets her checkup in a few months.  I'm not holding my breath that she'll be on the tall side of things. 

Hey, short kids find the best hiding places. 


  1. Wow! Two 26 pounders huh? I love that you called Sayer a "fire hydrant." Perfect description! He's adorable as are your other two.

  2. He is 4 pounds less than Hannah. Not that...that is saying much.

    Who cares about being short?! We can pack a punch when we need to!

  3. Abbey is 29" high but am guessing she only weighs maybe 20 lbs. I find out for sure on the 19th. How tall was he?

  4. I hear you one of my friends has a HUGE 15 month old boy. 34" and 27 pounds!!!!

  5. I can hear your voice saying everything in this post and it's cracking me up! Especially the part about S being a fire hydrant! He's a super cute one :-) Love you and your tiny kids.


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