Monday, November 1, 2010

Punny! Uh, Sorta...

A few days ago, we were driving to visit family with two sleeping little people and the biggest of the little people quietly reading in the back seat.  Shaun and I were taking advantage of the quiet to actually have an uninterrupted conversation. Suddenly, Lex piped up from the back seat,

"Hey Daddy!  Do you know what Goofy likes to eat?"

He replied that he didn't know and she chirped, "Bologna sandwiches!"

A few minutes later, Shaun asked Lex,  "Hey Lex...  do you know what ghosts like to eat?"  She shook her head and he delivered the punchline, "BOO-logna sandwiches!"

Silence.  I glanced back and Lex was smiling a bit but didn't say anything.  I whispered to Shaun, "Does she get it?"  He peeked at her in the rearview mirror and shrugged.

We picked up our conversation after a few more moments of silence.

Several minutes later, she exclaimed, "HEY DAD!"

"Hey what?"

"Do you know what vampires like to eat?!"  I whispered to Shaun, "SHE GETS IT!"  I started grinning, proud that my kid actually got Shaun's joke well enough to make her own.  Then, he answered her,

"Nope, what do they like to eat?"   We waited, totally expecting to hear an appropriate punchline to finish our train of jokes.  And then... she spoke, completely deadpan,

"Blood.  They like blood.  And they sleep all day and stay up at night."

Yeah, not exactly what were expecting.  I CRACKED up, sputtering and wheezing.  There was something overwhelmingly funny about the complete miss of a joke that she delivered when were expecting something completely different.  Apparently, we have some work to do on the jokes.  Ah, 4 year olds. 

[I was laughing so hard at one point that Shaun started tossing out lines from the previous week's episode of Community to keep me going, (I'm apparently a spectacle when I'm cracking up), and when he got to this scene, I thought I was going to pee my pants.  It's completely unrelated, but I still can't watch this scene without breaking into guffaws of laughter]

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