Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Knock-Knock! Who's There? Pregnant Dog! Er, What?

My kids have obviously inherited my sense of humor.  Random and completely unintentional with a penchant for the corny.  (I tried to deny the last part, but I married Shaun and he makes me laugh.  Enough said).  

Lex has learned the art of the knock-knock joke.  Sort of.  To me?  This is torture.  I hate knock-knock jokes with a fierce passion.  But I indulge her and give the required chuckle at each nonsensical (at worst) or cheesy (at best) punch line.

Unlike me, Shaun has welcomed the knock-knock phase with open arms.  Those of you who know him, know that his capacity for the cheesy knows no bounds.  He's been teaching her new ones whenever he gets a chance.  Some go right over her head, but she's wise enough to understand that even when not completely understood, a good joke will endear her to a crowd.  So she delivers the jokes with the proper pauses and basks in the giggles.

She decided to test out my parents the other night with a joke that she learned while spending the earlier portion of the day with Shaun.


My family answered readily, "Who's there?"


"Pregnant do--"  They didn't get a chance to finish before she jumped in,

"WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF!"  Then she dissolved into giggles.

Silence.  Puzzled silence and then a few polite laughs.  I raised my eyebrows at Shaun who was lost in his own round of guffaws.  When he paused to breath, he choked out, "Interrupting cow, Lex, interrupting cow!"

She stopped and exclaimed, "Oh YEAH!  Knock-knock!"

"Who's there?"

"Interrupting cow!"

"Interrupting co--"


By this point, we were all cracking up, though I suspect most were laughing over the interrupting pregnant dog instead of the 3rd oldest knock-knock joke in history.


  1. I am going to wake the nursing child in my lap if I continue laughing this hard. Oh she cracks me up!

  2. LOL...OK, that did make me laugh!

  3. Hannah and Lexi NEED to get together!
    H-knock knock
    Me- who's there?
    H- Table
    Me - table who?
    H - table chair
    Ha ha ha! Get it? Me neither. H does somehow.

  4. R loves the interrupting animal jokes. Occasionally we have an interrupting house or tree. I prefer Knock-knock jokes over cross the road jokes any day.

  5. Love her! My boys are all into Knock Knock jokes right now too so dont feel alone.

  6. My daughter makes up her own knock knock jokes. They all involve poop. I think I'd prefer the pregnant dog.

    Plus, that is one awesome story.

  7. My kids have been all over the knock knock jokes lately. Unfortunately they only like to tell ones they've made up. 6yo is on a quest to create a funny one. He's come close... gotta love that pregnant dog though! :)


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