Friday, November 19, 2010

Pick Your Battles

Kids are quirky.  My oldest has been seen in public with one gigantic, dangly plastic earring in her ear.  My nephew used to wear one fingerless glove just about everywhere he went.  Caly has to have a babydoll in her hand and some various toy in the other every time we leave the house.

Sayer?  Well... he's showing an early propensity for the quirky.  I was settling him down for a nap today and having little success.  You see, he came into his room wearing a plush block on his head for a hat and carrying a light up magic wand from his sisters' dress-up box.  Try settling that down to sleep.

He most certainly thought he was funny stuff, evidenced by him putting his open mouth on my shoulder, gumming it, and pulling back while yelling, "BAP!"  And then he'd crack up.

Nap time wasn't exactly forthcoming.

But I needed him to go down at some point.  So I gently wrestled the wand from his grasp.  Tears.  He calmed down after a second and eyed me.  I eyed his hat.  He grinned and whispered, "bap!"

And then he put his head on my shoulder and patted me.

The hat stayed on his head.

Now sound asleep, that's where the hat remains.

A wise person once advised:  Choose your battles.  And so?  I let this one go.  (I also obviously let the battle of getting a good photo go as well...  after those bedtime antics, I wasn't about to risk waking the kid up).


  1. Love this picture! It is a good one! You are so right. Pick your battles and learn when to let it all go.


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