Monday, January 4, 2010

C - 20 Months

Oh Kid,

I thought that if I didn't write updates to mark your monthly birthday, you'd stall in getting older and stay one and a half forever. 

Um, it didn't work.  You're now 20 months old.  TWENTY months!  It sounds so very old. 

Then again, you're not helping things with your sudden exhuberant grasp of the English language.  You regularly speak in full sentences, though a lot of times, about half the words are a bit too garbled for anyone not versed in C-speak to understand.  But every day, you're becoming clearer. 

But no matter how clear your speech gets, there are some words I hope you always say in your little quirky way...  my current favorite?  "Teeya-torra"  for "Tortilla".  Makes me smile every time. 

You're often unintentionally hilarious when verbalizing your mischief, too.  Yesterday, you started narrating your play.  I was actively engaged in something else so I was only half paying attention to your running commentary. 


"Yeah!  Good girl, C!" 

"Mommy, I color!" 

"You color!  Yeah!" 

"Color Sayer!  YAY!" 

"Good job C!  Wait, WHAT?!  NO!  Don't color Sayer!" 

Despite your affinity for coloring your brother, you love him a lot.  When he cries, you're the first to start saying, "Ssssssssss....  Sssssss Sayer!  It OK!"  while rocking him or patting him.  However, you're still very fond of tackling him too, so I have to stick around when you're in his vicinity. 

You fight with Bean a lot, but she's the first person you ask about when you wake up in the morning.  If she's not in the room, you'll call out for her, "Sissy!  Are you?"  When you guys play together, you're the best of friends.  I hope it stays that way for years to come. 

You're splendidly polite and easily charm with how sweetly you say thank you after someone gives you something.  "Dank you Aunt Shell!"  You're always the first one to say "bless you" when someone sneezes.  And if someone... ahem... passes gas?  You're sure to remind them to say "scoooze me!"  (Because you say it for them first...  "Scooze me Daddy!")

You love television of any kind and have solidified a special place in your Daddy's heart in your affinity for "fooooootball!  TOUCHDOWN!"  When you get up earlier than the rest of the house, you and Daddy often snuggle together on the couch and catch Sports Center. 

Music has become a great love of yours too.  You've started spinning in circles while dancing and saying, "Ballerina, ballerina!"  You also have definitive preferences when it comes to the songs you like.  Most recently?  "Bust a Move."  Yeah, I didn't expect to hear, "You want it, you got it!" coming from the back seat.  If you don't like a song, you're quick with, "Not dis one!" until we change it. 

You are intense.  Your happy is HAPPY.  Your mad is MAD.  Everything is big with you, even if your tiny body isn't.  You're so very, very different than your older sister.  The two of you give me the best of the world of having girls.   Even though I'm having to learn the nuances of parenting all over again, I wouldn't change it for anything. 

Thank you for making my life so much fun,



  1. I love watching the differences show up in my boys. Steff

  2. Wow...she is just SO CUTE. So cute. Love these updates. :)


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