Saturday, January 9, 2010

Remind Me Not To Let Her Pick My Old Age Home

Today, I was sitting with Shaun and he hugged me and said to Bean,

"She's a pretty awesome Mommy.  Should we keep her forever?"

Bean looked up and said,


Shaun and I looked at each other and he asked,

"Wait, why?"

Without pause, she cheerily said,

"When she's old, she's gotta go."

Yeah, she banned from having any say in my Golden Years. 

(For the record, she isn't plotting my replacement with a trophy mom or anything... it just came out really wrong...  and really hilarious)


  1. That's great! At least you'll always know where you stand with her. :)

  2. Oh wow - that's beyond funny! Enjoy a commune somewhere later in life, Shaun will be getting the attention and nice place to live! :o)

  3. That is TOO funny! Kids say the funniest-out-of-no-where stuff.

  4. LOL that is too good! Guess you have to look to another kid to take care of you in your old age lol.


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