Sunday, January 17, 2010

Complete Randomnipity - Part 11 Billion and 6

  • I'm completely procrastinating on cleaning my kitchen and putting laundry away.  (And organizing toys.  And making a grocery list.  And getting myself dressed.  And... eh, you get the point).  But it's raining and chilly and it's just the kind of day where things don't get done. But you're all warm and toasty and you know?  You just don't care.
  • The girls are on the kitchen floor coloring on a huge strip of paper that the middle child pulled from the art table roll.  Bean is wearing a pink princess dress and no shoes.  C is alternately coloring and using the paper as a foot path and running back and forth.  Bean tolerates this with grace most of the time.  Until her hands get stepped on.  Then she gets ticked.  Can't say I blame her.  
  • Sayer is crashed out in the Beco carrier.  C periodically checks on him and says, "Sssss, Sayer seepin!"  or "Mama!  Sayer WAKE UP!" 
  • I had my first foray into Bento-fying food today with apple slices.  I used teeny tiny cookie cutters to make the apples into flowers and hearts. HUGE hit.  I'll post more on this later this week.
  • I would rather buy music than almost anything.  (Well, except food.  I love food).  Now I would rather send everything to Haiti.  We have too much crap.  
  • If you laugh at the result of your children's mischief, your day goes so much better.  If you take pictures too,  you're preserving some laughter for the future.  If you turn a blind eye to potential mischief in the making because you need a good laugh, rest assured.  You're not alone.
  • I will be unbelievably sad the day my kids are all too old to say, "Hold you mama!"  when they want to be picked up.  
  • And now, lunch is finished cooking, Shaun will be home soon, Sayer is awake, and everyone needs some munchies and some snuggles.  Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.  What are you up to?


  1. i had the EXACT same thought today - i will miss the "hold you" request tremendously. i however have yet to jump from the world of 1 kid to multiple kids so hopefully and God willing we will have another chance to hear it after Bryce is too cool to say it anymore. Our motherhood moments of the day: Bryce wiping boogers on my sweater during praise & worship, and Bryce telling folks his children's church nametag says Jesus (it. does. not.) hugs to all of y'all!!

  2. You are not alone! I accomplshed nothing but a quiche and lots of cuddle time.

  3. And the house is toasty because you... turned up the heat when Shaun was at church?

    Hehe :-)

  4. My kids both say "Hold you!" When they want ME to hold THEM. It's so cute; it kills me, too. I'll be sad when they learn the right way to say it.

  5. Sometimes they learn the right way to say it and they will still say it wrong because its your private family thing....
    My 5 year old keeps telling me he cant sleep without alone time with Nana....Nana left after a two week visit Saturday....Great so now he is apparently testing his will and mine and planning to stay awake till the next time she visits.


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