Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Makings of a Chocoholic

It's no secret that we eat quite a healthy diet in this household. 

I reserve candy for special occassions. 

Like bribery.

If I have to cut little fingernails or get myself 2 minutes to pee in peace, I'll often resort to my stash to buy some time. 

It worked beautifully for quite awhile.  And then?  Then C grew wise to my bribing ways. 

Now, if she gets a notion for a piece of "chocky-it," she follows me around the house saying, "One? One? One? One?"  in the most forlorn voice I've ever heard.  At least for the first 30 times I have to say, "No, baby."

Then forlorn becomes completely irritated. 


Remedies include pawning her pleas off on "Later" or "In a minute," distracting her with something else, or giving in and giving her a chocolate covered raisin.  (As you can imagine, the former doesn't go over very well). 

Today, I was nursing Sayer in the living room and she came in with a newly discovered treasure, a giant Hershey's Kiss that one of my students gave me.  Immediately, the pleading started,

"ONE?!  ONNNNE?  ONNNNE?"  (I'm still not 100% sure how she knew it was chocolate). 

My refusals did nothing to placate the kid's obsession.   I tried telling her "Later" which merely had her repeating,
"More?  ONE?  LATER?!" over and over and over again. 

Then she started to get shrill.

Sayer's naptime was about to be compromised by a chocolate obsessed toddler.

So I did what any mother who values her quiet and her sanity would do.  I put Sayer in his bed and came back to dole out a piece of the candy to stop the madness.  (Yes, I KNOW I'm not helping things in the long term).

That's when I noticed C was drooling.  Literally.  I peeled back the foil on the Kiss and she started dancing from foot to foot.  Just for kicks, I stopped and started to put the Kiss back in its box.  She froze, pointed and shrieked, "ONNNNNNNE!"  *pause*  "Peas?"

Yes, I gave her a bite.  She popped it in her mouth, closed her eyes for a moment and said, "Chocky-it GOOD"

Yup, I think a "chocky-holic" is born.  Oy.


  1. Hey - you're teaching her persistence if nothing else!

  2. My daughter will sometimes find chocolate wrappers before I have a chance to throw them away. She will lick them and say 'mmmm good chocolate'. She has never had much candy, and I am pretty impressed she figured out that was what was in the wrappers!

  3. Eli is turning into a bona fide chocaholic as well. He is on to all my secret candy hiding places. Also BOTH kids now expect a "treat" for doing anything remotely cooperative. Like eating BREAKFAST. Um, whoops. Time to re educate!

  4. love this!!! I swear my C is a chocoholic- i don't love Chocolate and she had me craving it while PG! :)

  5. I was just living this yesterday!!!! Aiden is the same way. I was hiding, trying to eat my 100-calorie pack of M&Ms (sigh) and he found me. So of course I had to dole some out. He and I were eating them so fast, so we could get more before the other took them all. It was a little disturbing. Maybe we need an intervention.


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