Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Overheard in the House of Loonies...

"C, NO!  You may not brush Sayer's teeth!  Sayer doesn't HAVE teeth!"

"No, baby girl, toilet water is NOT for drinking."

"Mama, feed?"
"C, you want to eat?"
"FEED!"  (And with that, she climbs on my lap, onto the recently vacated Boppy and puts her face to my stomach for a few seconds before sitting up with a satisfied expression), "I FEED!" 

"Mama, yelly bean!  Floor!  EAT IT!"
"No, no C!  Don't eat a jelly bean from the floor!"
"Eat!"   (And then she opens her mouth, her tongue tinted a tell-tale green.  Too late, it seems). 

"Mama, look!  Your baby!" 
(And then Bean pokes me in the stomach.  Um, NO.)

"Hey Mommy!  You're awake!  Why...  why is your face angry?  Be happy!  You're awake!"
(I manage a half smile...  hey, it was pre-caffeine).
"There!  That's better.  Rise and shine and give God the Lory Glory!"


  1. How wonderful! I only get "MOOOOMMMMYYYYY (wimper, wimper) MOOOOMMMMMYYYYY!" in the morning. Mommy has gotten Abby out of bed in the morning exactly three times in the last 18 months.

  2. LOL. T our middle one used to wake us up petting the tops of our heads. yous wakes?? then he would continue petting till you felt the need to shield yourself from the bruising that was sure to be imminent.
    He also slept on top of our heads...actually Chris' head. love it now, it does go soooo fast.

  3. Give God the Lory Glory...can I steal that? ;-)


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