Sunday, December 27, 2009

There's Something I'd Never Thought I'd Threaten

Today I managed to get our little family out the door to church.  (OK, full disclosure, Shaun was home and so it wasn't a solo deal as it would normally be).   Last week's snow pushed our annual Christmas service to this week so Bean made a Christmas tree ornament that looked like a tiny baby Jesus in a little manger.  She was VERY proud of her ornament.  In fact, every time it came across C's vision, she would screech, "BABY JEEEESUS!  BABY JEEEESUS!  Peas?  Peas?  Have BABY JEEEESUS?!"

Needless to say, Bean didn't want to give it up.  "But I don't want to share my baby Jesus!"


And so on... and so on...  It got a little crazy.

Anyway, after lunch, I was trying to hurry Bean into her car seat so I could help her buckle up and she was being a trifle difficult.  "Mama, I can't buckle the top buckle.  I can't reach it."  "Mama, my arms are tired."  "Mama, I want YOU to do it."  Etc., etc., etc.

Finally, my patience were shot and I snapped at her,

"BEAN!  If you don't get your arms into those car seat straps right now, I'M GOING TO TAKE BABY JESUS AWAY!"

She got her arms into the straps.

C piped up, "BABY JEEEEEESUS!  HAB IT!!!"

Oh good glory.


  1. Oh my! I have had to repeatedly tell Abby to "be nicer to Baby Jesus, we don't want him broken. He has to live another 34 years or so or you and I will be in BIG trouble!" (My aunt has a nice nativity - we have a magnetic one on the fridge...)

  2. Hilarious!

    On Christmas morning at my mom's we read the Christmas story and put together the nativity scene. After it was over my mom carried the little table with the completed nativity into the other room. In process one of the guys fell out and his head fell off and rolled across the carpet. Everyone burst out laughing and Stacy piped up, "Maybe that one was John The Baptist?"

  3. LOL the things we say as parents. It would mae a great book!

  4. Thought I would pop back in to let you know that last night I had to ask Abby, repeatedly, to stop trying to eat Jesus' head. "I'm giving him kisses, Daddy." "Okay, Abby, but please use less teeth when kissing Jesus..."

  5. ROFL... Just found your blog through Harriet's.
    The kids are so cute. The little one reminds me of my own nephew (who's the same age as C).



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